Work with Us

I am delighted that you are considering joining us. When I started Catalyst Partners, I founded it on the principles of integrity, excellence, collaboration and transparency. These values enable us to provide outstanding results for investors and a satisfying and challenging work environment for all of us. Our values have fueled our success and form the foundation for our investment in the future. Our commitment to these values is the primary reason you may want to become part of our future. Let me elaborate on what makes Catalyst Partners special.

We Have No Silos and Reward Collaboration. We award compensation based on contributions to the overall success of the firm, not on individual profit and loss. We Prize Our Reputation for Integrity.We insist on transparency, fair dealing and intellectual integrity in all that we do. Our investors demand it, our regulators demand it, and most importantly, we demand it of ourselves. We Have a Culture of Genuine Mutual Respect. We want diverse opinions, analytical rigor and intellectual honesty, and we don’t tolerate disrespectfulness toward anyone inside or outside of the firm. We Treat Our Employees Well. We pay our highest-performing talent at the top of the market, we offer an exceptional array of benefits, and we are always searching for ways to take care of our employees and their families. Our Best Years are Yet to Come. While we are fortunate to have enjoyed considerable success since our founding, I believe our best years remain ahead of us. Tectonic shifts in our industry are fostering enormous opportunities for a sophisticated player like Catalyst Partners.