Ward Corbett

Ward Corbett is the Founder and Managing Partner of Catalyst Partners. Catalyst Partners is a private hedge fund sponsor focused on seizing opportunity by allocating capital to areas offering the best risk/reward ratio at any given time to optimize returns while appropriately securing investor capital.  The Fund’s global macro investment strategy is primarily oriented towards equities, interest rates, commodities, currencies and other asset classes are employed where appropriate.  Mr. Corbett is involved in all aspects of the business.  Ward focuses his efforts on portfolio management, business strategy, fund operations, marketing and investor relations, overall macro analysis, and maintaining the highest level of confidentiality with respect to client information.

Ward is an active member in his community, having served as a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon, New York.  Mr. Corbett also has served on a committee for Shared Interest a philanthropic organization investing in the future of South Africa.  Ward serves as a Council Member of the Brookings Institution, a non-partisan think tank and Mr. Corbett currently serves as a board member of the New York Urban League.  Ward is a member of the working group for the UN PRI Hedge Fund Industry Guide for Responsible Investments.

Ward believes in taking both a local and a global approach.


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Harvard Business School  –  LFO Leadership in Financial Organizations



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